Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lithium | Featured Content Manager (Media) - H0us3


Lithium is a manager to create a layout of featured content that can be used as menu. You can select posts/pages/ or custom post types as selectors.
Selectors are added with the Lithium manager where you can choose the size and color of each one. Also, you can drag and drop them to get a better aesthetic of the final layout.
The plugin includes Google fonts, and you may use any button to open the layout (adding the class "lithium-button" to this ones).

Lithium General Options

  • Header Title
  • Header Subtitle
  • Header Text Color
  • Header Background
  • Google Font Selector
  • Content SelectorTwo, three, or four columns Layout
  • Featured Size

With Color Picker.

  • Title and content ColorNumber of members to be displayed
  • Excerpt BackgroundView Profile text when mouse pass over image
  • Use of shadows


Custom CSS

  • The plugin includes a Custom CSS Field to give you a better aesthetic control